Sensing God's Direction

A Personal Note from the Author Jim Poitras

I was converted in 1979. My pastor was a mission’s lover. In 1983, after three years in the church, and at the ripe old age of twenty two(well, one week before I turned twenty‐three) I went on the AIM program to Nigeria, West Africa. This booklet contains some of the things I’ve learned about sensing God’s will over the past quarter century.


I want you to know the reason for this epistle. I give glory to God for selecting me to be part of His huge end‐time harvest. I’m glad I sensed His direction—and obeyed it. I dedicate this writing to all of our Associates in Missions and young people embarking on the Next Step program. You are my heroes and I hope that something written in the next sixty pages or so will help as you not only sense God’s direction but step out into it.

I admit it. I’m soft on missions! After twenty‐five years of missionary service in Africa, tears still flow when I hear songs like “People Need the Lord” (Steve Green). A sense of mission still wells up when I see the parade of missionary flag‐bearers march in during our general conference missions’ service. Globes, and maps of the world serve as interior decorations in my office; signifying, as well, the interior décor of my heart. They constantly remind me of my destiny in life.

One disclaimer: It may seem like there is a lot of emphasis on missions. That is intentional. For this, I offer no apology. God can place you anywhere in His kingdom. I know. I know. If He is not directing you toward world missions, just use the principles. They work. And, no matter which way you’re heading, I’m persuaded that the Lord of the Harvest is always directing His children toward winning the lost world! With that, ends most of my first person references. Now, we will be switching into third person mode, to make it easy for others to teach using this resource. Back to Sensing God’s Direction. Enjoy the journey!

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