John Wolfram was the first face that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins saw after they returned from the moon.

With the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing approaching, John Wolfram takes us on a journey of what it's like to be in the Navy's elite Special Forces trained in spacecraft recovery in his new book release titled, Splashdown:  The Rescue of a Navy Frogman.

With the help of faith that never left his side, Wolfram shares his personal experience of enduring BUD/S training, surviving Hell Week, as well as the living hell of war, overcoming drug addiction, and rescuing the Apollo 11 astronauts from the sea.  Splashdown, a page-turner with substance, takes readers down a path of self-discovery that is amazingly familiar.  Nevertheless, behind the illustrious military war hero who was a remarkable Navy frogman trained to rescue others, Wolfram found himself in dire need of rescue.

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